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A Great Story Of Community, Memories and History

The Melville Bowling Club has been a vibrant part of the City of Melville and an Alfred Cove landmark for the last 60 years. With a great history of community involvement and wonderful memories for thousands of residents the Melville Bowling Club is the major centre for the cultural and historic heritage in the city.

It is much more than a bowling club. It is where the community goes to celebrate a birthday and anniversary or a life. There are seven other sporting and recreation bodies using the clubs facilities. End of the year wind ups have been held at the club by many local sporting clubs for all of the 60 years the club has been in existence. It’s where the communities memories are.

The club is a favourite destination when country bowlers come to the city for competitions. They love the high standard greens that the Melville club pay for and maintain. The outdoor area, with views to the river, is in high demand when the country bowlers arrive and many friendships have been established over the last 60 years.

This is a club worth fighting for and we know we are not doing it just for the bowlers and other members of the club but for the wider Melville community who come to our club when they have a celebration.

Tim Smith
Melville Bowling Club.

The Melville Bowls Club is an important part of the Melville community.

We’ve lost the, Majestic Hotel, Melville Commmunity house, Raffles grounds, Melville Palmyra Tennis club rooms, lets not lose the Melville Bowling Club too.

The Melville City Council have made a decision to move the club based on just the declining pennant bowls part of the club. They don’t even take in to account all the other activities that involve the community.

Apart from the sporting and recreation bodies there are many community clubs that have structured meetings throughout the year. There are many ad hoc meetings from these clubs as well as private residents.

The club room is also used by young ballroom dancers who practice on the large wooden floor in the function room.

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